Here at Sweet Paprika Designs we create luxurious artisan hand-dyed yarns, as well as kits and patterns for knitting and crochet.

Based in Montreal, Canada and run by sisters Elizabeth and Debbie Sullivan, we are passionate about fibre, and providing the materials for crafters to create truly beautiful hand-made projects.


Victoria from Refined Knits

February 04, 2016

Back veiw of Victoria from Refined Knits by Jennifer WoodI am so thrilled to share some photos with you of Victoria, one of the patterns from Jennifer Wood's upcoming book Refined Knits. Not only is this design beautiful and exactly my style, it's knit in our very own Messa di Voce yarn in Chimney Smoke!

I've been working with Jennifer for several years now and I know how much time and energy she's put into this book and getting everything just right. I can't wait to see Refined Knits in person!