Kith & Kin Collection

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    Cette collection est actuellement seulement disponible en anglais.

    This collection of mitten patterns includes something to keep everyone’s hands warm, from toddler's to men's extra-large and all sizes in between. The wide variety of techniques, textures and construction methods used in these designs will keep you entertained as you knit enough to outfit your whole family!

    The patterns in this collection feature several weights of our semi-solid hand-dyed yarns from fingering to worsted. Many of the patterns are suitable for beginners and some are more complex designs for the intermediate knitter.

    Kith and Kin includes eight patterns by designers from around the world: Frost and Twilight Mitts by Josie Mercier, Rue Le Moyne by Marie Godsey, Mozi by K. M. Bedigan, Macon Mittens by Joan Beebe, Quatrefoil by Valeria Kerkkä, Mount Maxwell Mittens by Elizabeth Sullivan, Chili Powder Mittens by Sabrina Miller, Blue Skies and Butterflies by Thorn Maiden Designs.

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