Pre-order FAQs

Pre-orders are now open for Norwood and Elora, our locally sourced 100% Canadian yarns. We're planning to close pre-orders on June 30, but as our quantities of fleece are very limited, we will close earlier if need be.

Norbouillet yarn in 4 pictures: cute sheep, dirty fleece, washing fleece, clean fleece

Why should I pre-order these yarns?

Both the Norwood and Elora yarns are custom-spun from fleece we buy directly Pine Hollow Farm in Norwood, Ontario. Because we have a limited supply of fleece each year, we've had to guess how much to allocate to Norwood and how much to Elora. We also have to decide how much to dye in each colourway.

We often sell out very quickly in some of our popular colours, so this is your chance to order exactly what you want and know that we will dye it just for you!

If I pay for my pre-order now, when will I get my yarn?

We're planning to ship out the finished yarn in September. The fleeces are at the milll right now, waiting their turn to be spun in to yarn. We'll receive it in Montreal in August, and dye it up so it can get shipped out to you!

What exactly is "Norbouillet"? What is the story behind this yarn?

Allison, the sheep farmer we buy from, calls the fleece from her flock "Norbouillet" as it is a Rambouillet cross that she has been breeding for so many years that it is now specific to her farm.

You can read all about our process in developing this yarn on our blog. Debbie wrote this post in 2015 when we first started this project and we've been gradually increasing the amount of fleece we buy each year. We are up to 60 lbs this year!

Will I still be able to buy these yarns later in the year?

Maybe. We typically don't pre-sell absolutely all of our fleece (and this year we're planning to keep a little bit aside for new projects that will be released in September). BUT, we can't guarantee that we'll have a specific colourway available later, so if you have a particular project in mind it's safer to pre-order now.

If we have any Norwood skeins or Elora sets left to sell after pre-orders are filled, we'll add them to our website in September. La Manche and Arborescent sweater kits are available for pre-orders ONLY and will not be offered in the fall this year. Please join our mailing list for all updates!

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