Elora Sets

Our 2022 batch of Elora is now in stock! This yarn is spun from locally-sourced Canadian Norbouillet wool. We're only able to buy this special fleece once a year, so these yarns are available while supplies last. Please join our mailing list for all updates on Elora and our other limited-edition yarns.

New for 2022! We've created some extended 6 mini-skein sets, which are featured in Caroline Dick's newest design! You can find our kits for her Diametro Wrap knitting pattern here.

This year we were also able to purchase small amounts of three natural shades of fleece along with the cream we usually buy. We're happy to offer these to you as a sampler set with 25g/82 yds of each of the four natural colours.

Are you looking for a contrast colour to pair with your Elora set? You can find our extra-large 125g skeins of Elora here, perfect for pairing with these mini-skein sets for larger projects.

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