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Indigo Dye Kit

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This indigo dye kit from The Love of Colour includes pre-measured ingredients to create one organic fructose vat. How much a kit will dye depends on several factors, including how dark you want the blue to be, and what fibres you use, but it will dye a lot! You could expect to dye at least 5 yards of a medium-weight cotton to a medium blue and probably darker if you wish.

Note: Yarns and fabrics are shown as examples only and are not included in the kit.

About Indigo Dyeing

Indigo (indigofera tinctoria) species are the world's only source of natural, true, colourfast blue. A magical dyestuff that has been used around the world as a dye since pre-historic times, the culture and wonder that surrounds this plant is immense.

Indigo cannot be dyed in the same way as other dyes, but must be used to create a "living" vat, which is achieved through a sort of fermentation process.

Indigo can be used to dye any natural fibres, but is not suitable for synthetic fibres (nylon). You can dye fabric, yarn, garments, wood, anything that you like! 

The vat can remain active for several weeks, depending on how much you use it and how you take care of it.

The kit includes instructions on how to create the vat, how to use it for dyeing, and how to maintain it.

Kit Includes

  • 25g indigo
  • 50g pickling lime (calcium hydroxide)
  • 75g fructose sugar
  • Comprehensive instructions in English or French

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