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Indie Design Gift-a-Long: Hidden gems

by Elizabeth Sullivan November 24, 2015

Indie Design Gift-a-Long: Hidden gems

The 2015 Ravelry Indie Design Gift-a-Long (GAL) started last week and Debbie and I are involved again this year, both as designers and as participants. If you haven't heard of this event yet, it's definitely worth checking it out! It's a 6 week knit-along/crochet-along of holiday gifts using patterns from indie designers around the world. There are over 300 designers this year offering a selection of their patterns at a 25% discount (until Friday, Nov 27, 2015) so plenty of designs to choose from.

I've spent far too long over the past few days looking at some of the 5000+ patterns that are discounted this year. One of my favourite aspects of the gift-a-long is the way the indie design community comes together to support each other and our work as indie designers. This is a time of year when many of us take time off from our "work" knitting to knit each others designs as "fun" knitting. With this in mind, I wanted to search out some hidden gems, patterns that I think haven't received as much attention as they deserve. Enjoy!

Lumpy by bunnymuff

Lumpy toy pattern 
Photo © bunnymuff

This adorable stuffed toy looks like just the right size for hugs and cuddles and inviting to tea parties. My son saw this photo and was instantly smitten with it. Birthday present maybe?

Ionic Mittens by Amy Maceyko

Ionic Mittens
Photo © PghAmers

Looking through the GAL patterns, there are surprising few full mitten patterns among all the fingerless mitts. For myself I find full mittens are much more practical (especially in Canadian winters!), and I really like the cables on this design.

Katie's Daisies by Jessica Anderson

Photo © Liz Calmes, Limelight Photography

I practically never leave the house without a sweater, even in the middle of summer, so I'm always on the lookout for cardigan patterns that would be good for layering and for dressing up a pair of jeans... just like this one!

Ellerbe Hat by Naomi Parkhurst

Photo © Kathryn Wall

The pretty detail at the crown of this slouchy hat caught my eye. That and the fact that it's blue and white and reminds me of a snowflake.

Closer to Fine Shawl by Panka's Patterns

Photo © Panka's Patterns

This crescent-shaped shawl has a pretty and interesting edging and the larger version of the pattern looks super-cozy. As I sit here typing this, I'm thinking this might be a better choice than the entire afghan I currently have wrapped around myself!

These are just a very small selection of the many, many patterns available as part of the GAL. If you'd like to see more, check out the Ravelry bundle or the Pinterest boards. Oh, and if you want to participate in the GAL on Ravlery, aside from the camaraderie, there are games to play and prizes to be won. Come join us!

Elizabeth Sullivan
Elizabeth Sullivan


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